About HD Pictures

HD Pictures began online in 1999, long before most people had ever heard the term, "HDTV." As one of the first sites on the Internet about HDTV, HD Pictures was founded by Stuart Calcote, a 29-time Emmy Award winning television producer/director and one of the first producer/directors to produce television programs in high definition. Originally, HD Pictures was exclusively a resource for television industry professionals, providing technical information about HD production equipment and services. As the public began to hear about HDTV and the transition to DTV in the early 2000s, potential consumers of HDTV products began visiting HD Pictures to find out what all the fuss was about. Having gone through a recent renovation, HD Pictures has now evolved into a consumer information resource providing information about HDTV and the coming 3DTV revolution.

About Stuart Calcote

Stuart Calcote is a 29-time Emmy Award winning producer/director of international television programs. During his 25-year television career, Stuart produced and directed more than 3000 hours of broadcast television, and was one of the first to produce programs in HDTV. His 1994 documentary, The Strongest Link, was the first HDTV action documentary shot on location, winning the Grand Prix Award at the Houston International Film Festival of 1995. Between 1992-1997, Stuart was Executive Producer and Director of International Programs for NHK, Japan's public broadcasting system. Fluent in Japanese, Stuart has the honor of being the only foreign national (non-Japanese) ever to have held a senior staff position with NHK in its 85-year history. Prior to joining NHK, Stuart produced and directed a wide variety of programs for NBC, United Artists Productions and WDCA-TV in Washington, DC. Stuart is now President of Electronic Pictures Corporation (dba HD Pictures). For more information about Stuart, visit his personal website, calcote.com. Visit Stu's Study for articles by Stuart about HDTV.

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