HDTV Anetnnas

HDTV's wide-screen picture, dynamic colors, excellent clarity and overall superior quality certainly justify the extra cost of buying a HD set. But why should you have to pay extra for the programs? Well, you shouldn't and you don't! HDTV is free, and you can receive digital HD broadcast signals over the air, just as you used to receive the old NTSC signals. 90% of Americans live within areas that can receive digital broadcast transmissions. So if you're satisfied with the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc), there is no reason to pay extra for HDTV programs!

If you already own a HD set or you plan to buy a HD set and you want to receive free HD broadcast signals, all you need is a good HDTV antenna. Our recommendation is Antennas Direct, one of the most respected antenna designers in the US. The Antennas Direct team is committed to delivering a superior product along with outstanding customer service. Their wide rage of exclusive antenna designs have the highest success rates in the industry, delivering superior performance and reliability at affordable prices!

Antennas Direct • Maker of high performance antennas designed specifically for HDTV reception. Special savings when you buy direct.

Antenna Direct's unique high performace loop antenna design was engineered specifcally for digital frequencies. They are one of just a few antenna designers and manufacturers who have done the necessary research and development to introduce antenna models designed specifically for HDTV. In fact, with the right antenna from Antenna Direct, your HDTV picture quality could be even better than cable or satellite!

The Antennas Direct website will take you through a step-by-step process of choosing the right antenna for your location and troubleshooting signal reception if necessary. The website also offers comprehensive information about DTV antennas, digital TV stations and a transmittor locator tool.

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