3DTV Explained

How Does 3D Work?

3D Glasses bring
two images together
Our eyes are spaced apart from each other, which means our left and right retinas see objects at slightly different angles. In real life, the brain merges these two images into a single three-dimensional image. To recreate this experience of depth on television, a 3D TV will display two separate but overlapping images of the same scene simultaneously, and at slightly different angles as well. One image is intended for the left eye, the other for the right. A pair of 3D glasses brings the two 2D images together as one 3D image.

How Do 3D Glasses Work?

The old way of creating a 3D image was to use color filters (usually red/blue) to show a different image to each eye. This method was effective in presenting a 3D image, but severely compromised the colors of the presentation. The color filter method was replaced with a polarized light method which uses polarized filters to converged the two images. The polarized light method (using passive glasses) is the method currently used in theaters for 3D movies. The current standard for 3D TV is Active Glasses (or Active 3D Glasses, or Active LCD Glasses). Active Glasses alternatively cover the view in each eye in sync with the display source so that each eye sees the alternating images required to create the 3D illusion. The rapid shuttering is faster than the brain can detect, so it isn't noticeable to the viewer.
3D Color Filter Glasses

3D Polarized Glasses

3D Active Glasses

3D Evolution and Revolution

Over the years 3D has evolved dramatically, now offering immersion into depth and dimension unimaginable even a decade ago. Imagine the experience of breathtaking full color high resolution images right in the comfort of your home. With a rappidly expanding source of 3D movies on Blu Ray and the anticipated developments in 3D broadcasting, the 3DTV revolution is about to begin and, so far, Samsung is leading the way.

Samsung 3D HDTVs are already available at affordable prices. (The Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch 1080p 3D LCD HDTV is available for less than $1500!)

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