HDTV On The Air

On June 11, 2008, every television station in the United States switched to digital broadcasting (DTV). Most of thoes stations are also broadcasting in HDTV.

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How do I get a good HDTV signal? What kind of antenna is best to receive
digital TV stations and HDTV programs? What programs are on in HDTV?
Here are some answers.

A complete list of broadcast, cable and satellite stations brodcasting in HDTV.

A complete state-by-state list of US DTV stations and their channel allocations.

Can't get a good signal?

Get the best HDTV Antenna for your location.

 US Government DTV Reception Maps 

Enter your zip code (or address)
to see the DTV signal strength in your area

Don't have a HDTV set?

 HDTV Buying Guide 
Finally, A Guide You Can Understand

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Still having problems?

Click here for the FCC issued
 Antennas and Digital Television Guide 

Click here for the FCC issued
 DTV Factsheet 

Click here for the FCC issued
 Troubleshooting Guide 
for Digital-to-Analog Converter Boxes & Digital TVs

Click here for the FCC video
 What you need to know about DTV 

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