Definitions of DTV, HDTV & 3DTV Terms

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Term Definition

HD High Definition
HDCP High Definition Content Protection. Technology used to prevent piracy of high-quality uncompressed video, primarily over DVI connections.
HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface. A high-quality digital connector. Similar to DVI and sometimes with HDCP, HDMI can digitally transmit uncompressed high-definition video and audio on the same cable, preserving picture and sound quality. HDMI Cables are the High Definition Standard Audio and Video Connections.
High Definition
High Definition TV. The highest quality digital television, generally widescreen 16:9. It consists of either 1080 interlaced or 720 progressively scanned lines of resolution and includes the ability to transmit digital surround sound. Note that HDTV and DTV are not the same thing � HDTV is one format of DTV.
HDTV Monitor
(also HDTV-Ready)
A TV set with the inputs and capability to become an HDTV with the addition of an HDTV tuner, HD cable set-top box, or HD satellite receiver.
HDTV Tuner
(also known as Decoder or Receiver)
A device capable of receiving and decoding HDTV signals. HDTV tuners can either be built into a TV set (called an Integrated Digital TV Set) or be a stand-alone device, such as a set-top box.
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