Definitions of DTV, HDTV & 3DTV Terms

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Term Definition

Matching Transformers See Adapters.
MATV Master Antenna. Common or master antenna system in apartment buildings, condominiums, high-rises, co-ops or other Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU) through which residents receive local TV stations.
Monitor A Monitor is simply a display device that is incapable of receiving digital broadcast programming without additional equipment.
Multicasting DTV technology that allows each digital broadcast station to split its digital bandwidth into two or more individual channels of programming and/or data services (For example, on Channel 7, you could watch sub-channel 7-1, 7-2, 7-3 or 7-4).
Multi-Channel Digital Sound Feature of DTV that permits numerous streams of sound to be transmitted for a given program, providing stereo, surround sound, and even other languages.
Must-Carry The legal obligation of cable companies to carry the analog or digital signals of over-the-air local broadcasters.
MVC Multiview Video Coding. Enables efficient encoding of sequences captured simultaneously from multiple cameras using a single video stream.