Definitions of DTV, HDTV & 3DTV Terms

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Term Definition

IEEE 1394 A way to transmit compressed data and video between components on one cable. Also called Firewire or I-link, IEEE 1394.
Integrated (or Built-In) Digital TV Set An HDTV or DTV set with the tuner built in to the set. It does not need a separate set-top box to receive over-the-air signals.
Interference Unwanted electrical signals or noise causing impairments in the video signal.
Interlace Scan A way to scan vertical lines onto a TV picture by scanning all the odd lines first, then filling in the even lines. The fields are aligned and timed so that, with a still image, the human eye blends the two fields together and sees them as one. Interlace scanning allows only half of the lines to be transmitted and presented at any given moment. The alternative to Interlace Scan is Progressive Scan
ITU International Telecommunications Union