Definitions of DTV, HDTV & 3DTV Terms

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Term Definition

Set-Top Box A stand-alone device that receives and decodes programming so that it may be displayed on a television. Set-top boxes may be used to receive broadcast, cable, and satellite programming.
Signal Booster A device that receives an incoming broadcast signal, amplifies it, and retransmits it on the same frequency. Such devices are used to improve communications in locations within the normal coverage area of a broadcast system where the signal is blocked or shielded due to natural terrain or man-made obstacles.
Spectrum A range of electromagnetic radio frequencies used in the transmission of radio, data, and video.
SDTV Standard Definition TV. A TV with an internal digital tuner. SDTV has the basic digital television format closest to traditional analog TV.
S-3D Steroscopic 3D.
Steroscopic 3D Two images that are displayed one to each eye creating a 3D effect (requires 3D glasses).
SVGA Super Video Graphics Array. This is a display mode with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.
Sky (bSkyb) UK satellite broadcaster due to launch 3D channel in 2010.